RedVex Ranger Style Cobra Pace Counter Beads Paracord/Survival 13" Desert Camo

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Pace counters or ranger beads are manual counting tools used to keep track of distance traveled through a pace count. Made of 13 or more beads on a length of cord that are divided into two sections, separated by a knot. 9 beads are used in the lower section, and 4 or more beads are used in the upper section. This system was originally developed by our military. There are two ways to use the beads. One is to represent the paces the user has walked, while the other is to represent the distance walked. Both methods requires the user to know the relationship between the paces walked and the distance traveled. - Counting paces - As users walk, they typically slide one bead on the cord for every ten paces taken. On the tenth pace, the user slides a bead in the lower section towards the knot. After the 90th pace, all nine beads are against the knot. On the 100th pace, all nine beads in the lower section are returned away from the knot, and a bead from the upper section is slid upwards, away from the knot. In this manner, the user calculates distance traveled by keeping track of paces taken. To use this method, the user must know the length of their pace to accurately calculate distance traveled. Also, the number of paces to be walked must be pre-calculated (example: 2,112 paces= one mile, based on 30 inch pace) and then the distance traveled has to be calculated from the walked paces. - Distance Walked - For every 100 meters/yards the user walks, one of the lower beads is pulled down. When the ninth of the lower beads is pulled, the user has walked 900 meters/yards. When the user has walked 1000 meters/yards, one of the upper beads is pulled down, and all the lower beads are pulled back up. Using this method the user must know the number of paces walked in 100 meters/yards.

  • Approx. 13" in total length - ABS durable plastic clip
  • Ranger Pace Counting Beads are a simple way to measure distances traveled by foot, particularly at night when visibility can be an issue
  • 550lb specification paracord for strength and durability so it will not break on you in time of need
  • Heavy duty durability - Stylish and Inconspicuous - Easy to use and Easy to carry and conceal
  • Note the manufacturer has recently changed their desert camo color from the light desert camo to a darker shade, pics updated