RedVex Paracord Cobra Style Key Chain - Qty 50 Keychains

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These keychains are between 3-4 inches in size, which includes the 1-inch metal keyring. Type III 550lb strength parachute paracord was used int he construction. Various and random colors will be sent based on availability, you can expect there to be multiple duplicates, but there won't be any certain color that has a vast dominance; I try to level the colors as closely as possible. If you have color preferences such as no pinks/purples, or mostly earth tones or dark colors etc, please inquire prior to purchase to ensure I can accommodate your request with my current stock.

  • 550 lb Strength Paracord
  • 2-3 feet of USA made parachute cord per key chain
  • 7 inner strands for heavy duty applications
  • 1" metal key rings
  • Various and random colors (there will be duplicate colors)