RedVex Knife Lanyards - Equipment Lanyards - Gutted Paracord Cobra Style for Smaller Lanyard Hole- Choose Your Color & Size (Qty 5)

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These Lanyards make for Handy replacements or you can attach them to zippers on jackets, coats, sleeping bags, backpacks and more! They can also be used as knife lanyards, flashlight lanyards, and more. FEATURES of the RedVex Paracord Zipper Pulls durable, lightweight upgrades for any zipper Easy to use with gloves or mittens. Zipper pulls are a great way to extend your zipper to allow ease of zipping and unzipping your favorite jacket, purse, backpack, or any item that has a zipper with a hole of at least 2mm in diameter. Add some flash to your zippered items and making zipping easy. The paracord zipper pull clasp has grips so it will work well even if you are wearing gloves. Features: Made from 100% 550lb strength USA Made Paracord with the inner strands removed to allow for easier threading through smaller holes or tighter areas Inquire about custom colors, sizes, styles.

  • Chosen size is measured from end to end (Paracord diameter is approx. 4mm)
  • USA made parachute cord - 550 Paracord - gutted (inner strands removed) for threading through smaller holes - Works best with a lanyard hole of at least 2mm
  • Attach to zippers, knives, equipment to make it easier to grab and pull Especially when wearing gloves
  • Customization Available - Inquire about custom lengths or variations
  • This listing is for 5 lanyards - see our other listing for additional Qty bundles