RedVex Custom Requested 5-inch Pocket Size Counter Beads 5/8 Bead Setup (Choose Color)

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Note: This item has a non-standard bead count setup of 5 beads on one side and 8 on the other in response to a custom request. Pace counters or ranger beads are manual counting tools used to keep track of distance traveled through a pace count. Made of 13 or more beads on a length of cord that are divided into two sections, separated by a knot. 9 beads are used in the lower section, and 4 or more beads are used in the upper section. This system was originally developed by our military. There are two ways to use the beads. One represents the paces you have walked, while the other is the distance walked. Getting your pace count: Measure out 100 meters Walk the entire 100 meters while counting every time your left foot touches the ground Use your typical stride and pace or your later count will be off Using the Beads Each of the bottom beads equals 100 meters traveled Each of the top beads represents a kilometer traveled While using your pace count, every time you have traveled 100 meters, slide one bead from the bottom section down Once you have used all 9 beads from the bottom section, you will then slide one of the top 4 down after you have traveled another 100 meters. This means you have traveled 1 kilometer. Separator is adjustable and can be moved up or down depending on your preference. We will customize your length or number of beads to suit your needs; contact us for more information.

  • Approx. 5" in total length - Custom Lengths available
  • Counting Beads are a simple way to manually measure Distances, Laps, Strokes, Hydration, and just about anything else that needs to be tracked and counted
  • 550lb specification paracord for strength and durability so it will not break on you in time of need
  • Heavy duty durability - Stylish and Inconspicuous - Easy to use and Easy to carry and conceal
  • This item has a non-standard bead count setup of 5 beads on one side and 8 on the other