RedVex 550 lb Paracord / Survival Cobra Style Lanyard with 220 lb Steel Carabiners - 12" - Red

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What can Paracord be used for? Emergency uses for Paracord Here are some of the more common uses for paracord, but the uses are really only limited by your imagination. Repair torn clothing with the internal strands Repair torn or broken equipment Rig a makeshift tow rope Securely tie down items String up a clothes line Hang a bear bag to keep your food away from critters Replace your shoe laces Replace a broken Zipper pull Use inner strands as dental floss Tie things to your backpack Secure an animal to a tree or post, or make a leash Tie up a person String up a trip wire to protect an area…rig it with bells, or cans Lower yourself or an object very carefully down from a height Rig a pulley system to lift a heavy object Make a ladder to get up or down Tie up a tarp or poncho to make an awning to keep off sun or rain Tie yourself to a buddy in avalanche areas Keep your stuff. Tie objects you're likely to drop around your wrist, ankle, or waist Make a pack by first making a netting then adding a draw-string Build a shelter using sticks or by tying up the corners of a poncho or tarp Rig an improvised hammock Make a snare out of the internal strands Lash logs or other items together to build a raft. Tie snow shoes. Use it to make a bow drill for fire starting Make a sling to throw stones for protection and food. Use it for signaling by tying a mirror or colorful cloth to the top of a tree Use it to make a bola for hunting large birds Make fishing line by cutting a length and pulling out the internal strands Make a fish stringer Secure your boat or raft Make a net out of the internal strands Tie straight sticks around a broken limb to make a splint. Tie a sling to hold your arm Sew up a wound using the internal strands. For thinner thread untwist one of the internal strands Make a tourniquet to slow loss of blood Make a stretcher by running paracord between two long sticks