Ranger Pace Counter Bead Bracelet by RedVex - Choose your color and size - Customization Available

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Precise Distance Tracking: Ideal for navigation and measuring distances on foot, essential for hiking, trekking, and orienteering.

Rugged Construction: No-glue design with melted ends on a 550-pound strength cord, featuring a durable 3/8" ABS plastic buckle.

Smooth Operation: Ungutted beads for standard resistance; option to custom-order with gutted beads for smoother sliding.

Adjustable & Comfortable: Includes an adjustable separator for personalized bead movement and a sizing guide for the perfect fit.

Versatile Counting Tool: Useful for various counting tasks, with customizable options available to suit different tracking needs.

Sizing - measure wrist and add 1/2 to 3/4 inch for a snug fit or 1 inch or slightly more for a more loose or comfortable fit


Sizing - when choosing your size, this is the size of the bracelet (closed) not your wrist size.

Embark on your adventures with precision and style with the RedVex Ranger Pace Counter Bead Bracelet. Meticulously designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this bracelet is an indispensable tool for accurately measuring distances trekked on foot, especially in challenging visibility conditions.

Constructed with unwavering attention to detail, our pace counter bracelet features 13 robust beads on durable 550-pound strength cord, ensuring resilience in any environment. The 3/8" ABS plastic buckle adds a secure closure while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

With a unique system of 9 lower beads and 4 upper beads, separated by an adjustable knot, you can effortlessly track both your paces and distance traveled. This method, honed by military expertise, allows for simple and efficient distance measurement: slide a bead for each set distance covered, and reset the count with the upper beads after a more significant distance is reached.

Beyond its primary function, the versatility of the RedVex Ranger Beads extends to various activities, from lap counting in the pool to monitoring golf strokes or exercise reps.

Need a custom bead count or configuration? We're ready to tailor the bracelet to your specific needs.

Measure paces or distance. Getting your pace count: Measure out 100 meters Walk the entire 100 meters while counting every time your left foot touches the ground Use your typical stride and pace or your later count will be off Using the Beads Each of the bottom beads equals 100 meters traveled Each of the top beads represents a kilometer traveled While using your pace count, every time you have traveled 100 meters, slide one bead from the bottom section down Once you have used all 9 beads from the bottom section, you will then slide one of the top 4 down after you have traveled another 100 meters. This means you have traveled 1 kilometer.