Bullet Keychain .45 ACP 45 Hollow Point Metal Jacket Brass Casing

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Made from Brand New materials - same materials used in real ammo


Seated using an Ammunition Press for quality and consistency - actual size of a real bullet


Overall length is approx 2.3", 1" keyring, bullet width is 1/2"


Attached w/ Clevis pin for heavy duty applications- Will Not Pull or Twist Out- not cheap screw type


All RedVex bullet products are bubble wrapped and sealed in manufacture packaging




This is a handmade key chain made from an actual cartridge with a quality handgun bullet and added 1"  split ring.  This item is made from brand new materials; the same materials used to load ammunition with the exception of the primer being removed to ensure this an inert replica. All material is brand new and has never touched actual gun powder. This is unique and very well made with headed zinc plated clevis pin It is not a cheap screw in eye-screw screwed into the flash hole that can come loose or fall away from it in a matter of days. (This pin is not flexible and CAN NOT be removed from the outside.) No matter how hard the pin is pulled or twisted, it will not come out unless the casing is damaged in doing so.  They are assembled using an ammunition press for permanent and consistent seal on every one of our bullet products. COMPLETELY SAFE!!   This is NOT live ammunition.   The primer pocket has been drilled out, so this brass is not able to be reloaded and fired. Can be easily converted for use as a necklace or pendant.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you want to return your product, we will gladly accept returns and will pay for return shipping, No Questions Asked.